Wednesday, October 25, 2006

MSNBC Reporter blasting Rush over Fox remarks, wished Rush Deaf

Eric Alterman, who has worked for MSNBC for a decade and just weeks ago joined Media Matters to host his Left wing blog, is now criticizing Rush Limbaugh for his remarks about Michael J. Fox's campaign ad. From his post on his blog and the link imbedded in the post, Limbaugh's remarks are referred to as "Despicable". If Alterman thinks these remarks are despicable, where was the outrage at MSNBC from Matt Lauer to Keith Olbermann and the "Drive by" Media when Alterman, upon hearing of Limbaugh's Deafness and his surgery said, He wished deafness upon Limbaugh.

"...The answer is simple: the Left is angry, and whenever they spot a weakness in the GOP, their radars are up for fresh Republican fodder and they’re looking down with condescension.

The Left’s complete intolerance for the conservative voice is so great that Eric Alterman callously admitted in a February 13, 2003 Esquire magazine interview, after Limbaugh’s successful cochlear implant surgery, he actually wanted Limbaugh to lose his hearing: “I hate to say it, but I wish the guy would have gone deaf. I shouldn’t say that, but on behalf of the country, it would be better without Rush Limbaugh and his 20 million listeners.”

While leftist media mudslingers like Alterman are drooling over this latest revelation, they’ll continue to make political hay out of a potentially serious medical condition...."

Here is Eric Alterman's new feelings of outrage at Rush Limbaugh's criticism of an advertisement that misrepresents a candidate's views on an issue on which he actually supports a cure for Fox's illness,....definitely not a wish of ill health upon him.

The more they lose, the more they hate.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

A Bridge to nowhere

The other night Bill Clinton was mocking the President and claiming he is trying to scare you. Claiming as he said, that there is a terrorist on every corner. Once again, Clinton is trying to convince us that all is well, there is no sizable threat and even the "minor" threat from these two bit terrorists is not anything to worry about. He is basically claiming that Middle eastern islamo fascists are inferior to us, and to fear them as a threat is the behavior of a coward. If so, how well did our stealth bombers do against box cutters on a Jetliner.

This is the foreign policy section of his 1996 acceptance speech at the DNC Convention, where he famously said,"And I'm proud to say that tonight there is
not a single Russian nuclear missile pointed at an American
child." The symbolisim behind this statement was, "...I, Bill Clinton, a child of the utopian 1960's am now in charge and because of that, I declare the end of history, the end of wars, the end of hunger, the end of anger, the end of hate. If we just talk to these people and show them how cool we are and that we can hang out and wear their hats and sing their music, then all foreign simpletons will quietly live out their lives without trying to kill us, because we will not be antagonizing them, which is the cause of all wars anyway. Keep me in power and your children will never be attacked and we will all live forever....Thank me!"

Democrat National Convention, 1996

My fellow Americans, I want to build a bridge to the 21st
century that makes sure we are still the nation with the world's
strongest defense, that our foreign policy still advances the
values of our American community in the community of nations.

Our bridge to the future must include bridges to other nations,
because we remain the world's indispensable nation to advance
prosperity, peace and freedom and to keep our own children
safe from the dangers of terror and weapons of mass

We have helped to bring democracy to Haiti and peace to
Bosnia. Now, the peace signed on the White House lawn
between the Israelis and the Palestinians must embrace more of
Israel's neighbors.

The deep desire for peace that Hillary and I felt when we
walked the streets of Belfast and Derry must become real for
all the people of Northern Ireland, and Cuba must finally join
the community of democracies.

Nothing in our lifetimes has been more heartening than when
people of the former Soviet Union and Central Europe broke
the grip of communism.
We have aided their progress and I am proud of
it. And I will continue our strong partnership with a democratic

And we will bring some of Central Europe's new democracies
into NATO so that they will never question their own freedom
in the future.

Our American exports are at record levels. In the next four
years, we have to break down even more barriers to them,
reaching out to Latin America, to Africa, to other countries in
Asia, making sure that our workers and our products -- the
world's finest -- have the benefit of free and fair trade.

In the last four years, we have frozen North Korea's nuclear
weapons program. And I'm proud to say that tonight there is
not a single Russian nuclear missile pointed at an American

Now, now we must enforce and ratify without delay measures
that further reduce nuclear arsenals, banish poison gas and ban
nuclear tests once and for all.

We have made investments, new investments in our most
important defense asset: Our magnificent men and women in

By the year 2000 we also will have increased funding to
modernize our weapons systems by 40 percent.
These commitments will make sure that our
military remains the best trained, best equipped fighting force in
the entire world.

We are developing a sensible national missile defense, but we
must not, not now, not by the year 2000, squander $60 billion
on an unproved, ineffective Star Wars program that could be
obsolete tomorrow.

We are fighting terrorism on all fronts with a three-pronged
strategy. First, we are working to rally a world coalition with
zero- tolerance for terrorism. Just this month I signed a law
imposing harsh sanctions on foreign companies that invest in
key sectors of the Iranian and Libyan economies.

As long as Iran trains, supports and protects terrorists, as long
as Libya refuses to give up the people who blew up Pan Am
103, they will pay a price from the United States.

Second, we must give law endorsement the tools they need to
take the fight to terrorists. We need new laws to crack down
on money laundering and to prosecute and punish those who
commit violent acts against American citizens abroad; to add
chemical markers or taggants to gunpowder used in bombs so
we can track the bombmakers.

To extend the same power police now have against organized
crime to save lives by tapping all the phones that terrorists use.
Terrorists are as big a threat to our future, perhaps bigger, than
organized crime. Why should we have two different standards
for a common threat to the safety of America and our children?

We need, in short, the laws that Congress refused
to pass. And I ask them again -- please, as an American, not a
partisan, matter, pass these laws now.

Third, we will improve airport and air travel security. I have
asked the vice president to establish a commission and report
back to me on ways to do this. But now we will install the most
sophisticated bomb detection equipment in all our major
airports. We will search every airplane flying to or from
America from another nation -- every flight, every cargo hold,
every cabin, every time.

My fellow Democrats and my fellow Americans, I know that in

most election seasons, foreign policy is not a matter of great
interest in the debates in the barbershops and the cafes of
America, on the plant floors and at the bowling alleys.

But there are times -- there are times when only America can
make the difference between war and peace, between freedom
and repression, between life and death.

We cannot save all the world's children, but we can save many
of them. We cannot become the world's policeman, but where
our values and our interests are at stake, and where we can
make a difference, we must act and we must lead.

That is our job and we are better, stronger and safer because
we are doing it.

My fellow Americans, let me say one last time. We can only
build our bridge to the 21st century if we build it together, and
if we're willing to walk arm-in-arm across that bridge together.

I have spent so much of your time that you gave
me these last four years to be your president worrying about
the problems of Bosnia, the Middle East, Northern Ireland,
Rwanda, Burundi. What do these places have in common?

People are killing each other and butchering children because
they are different from one another. They share the same piece
of land, but they are different from one another. They hate their
race, their tribe, their ethnic group, their religion.

We have seen the terrible, terrible price that people pay when
they insist on fighting and killing their neighbors over their

In our own country, we have seen America pay a terrible price
for any form of discrimination. And we have seen us grow
stronger as we have steadily let more and more of our hatreds
and our fears go, as we have given more and more of our
people the chance to live their dreams.