Thursday, June 22, 2006

More WMDs discovered in Iraq, more to come

As we have posted before, the WMDs that have been found by American soldiers were not a massive array of stockpiles, but enough to kill a lot more americans than 911. Up until now there have been 5 different types of BIOCHEM weapons and that is aside from the missles and delivery systems discovered that were in clear violation of UNSCOM. The WMDs acquirred by the Poles from insurgents may explain one of several reasons that we are only now hearing about the race to find WMDs before the Terrorists did. Here is a link to Senator Rick Santorums newly declassified report of "More" WMDs that have been found in Iraq. We have found over 500 WMD devices since 2003 and whatever condition some might be, of the 500 there are plenty enough to turn the Super Bowl, Manhatten, West LA or the Broward County Fair into a killing zone. I'm still not sure what the line, "Bush lied, people died" means.

Let's review. In the same month, Stalinist Saddam, the only leader to use Gas in combat in nearly a century is soon to be sentanced. Two, Al Qaeda beheader and mass murderer Zarqawai who, by the way, was operating in Iraq before the war, is killed. Three, A Newly elected constitutional government takes office in Iraq. Four, More WMDs are discovered.

Sounds like Bush was surprisingly accurate.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Ho Chi Minh trail meets the border fence in Mexicali

I took this picture yesterday as I was driving north through Mexicali, Baja California. Along with this image of Ho Chi Min, were many other images of Communist or latin American populist characters like Che Gueverra (AKA Dr. Lynch, the executioner).

As we have posted earlier this year, the increase in leftist activity in latin america have been visibly present in East LA and Northern Mexico. Driving through Mexicali, we saw 5 different locations with large murals of Karl Marx, Zapatista leader Subcommandante Zero, Fidel Castro and Ho Chi Min.

Mixed in with the marxist icons is Nahuatl and Aztlan phrases that advocate the violent take over of the United States. The Aztlan groups are the same ones that, with the help of International Communist groups like the ANSWER network, organized the immigration protests in LA and other cities earlier this year.