Friday, May 12, 2006

Spy wars escalates! Foggo home and office searched,CIA #3 gets more heat as Intelligence world fights civil war

Much like hearing the flashes and explosions of a naval battle beyond the distant horizon, We can not know what the recent media reports regarding the intelligence community's biggest players really mean and who is winning the bloody secret war inside this secret world.

Headlines of:

Foggo, CIA #3, investigated, Prostitutes, poker games at watergate, Duke Cunningham.

CIA chief loses fight to purge CIA.

Former Analyst Ray McGovern (VIPS, plame friend) blasts Rumsfeld.

Plame and Foley, send non agency husband to Niger.

Wilson attacks President, divulges reports.

CIA leakers at war with President, release secrets.

NYT conduit for making public top secret war plans.

The is a war between the left wing players in the Intelligence community and the Conservatives that serve the President and the war to destroy islamo fascist's quest to take over the world. We can't know who is winning, and if the casualties are being blasted by the inside, the outside or by their own recklessness.

After all, no one knows the art of propaganda, deception, double dealing, and stealth destruction than this bunch. Gen. Michael Hayden is walking into a battle that will expose him to a form of "Shock and Awe" that we can not imagine.


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