Monday, May 08, 2006

Moussaoui: "Thought about it over the weekend...hope I wasn't out of line with that 'I win, US loses' line"

Moussaoui decides that he wasn't really guilty after all.....WHOOPSIE Daisy!!!!

Everybody needs a second chance right? That's what America is all about right?

These Islamofascists sure know how to work the American victimology sub culture to the max. I am not amazed that he would try to manipulate the system in a last minute sordid attempt to pour salt in the wound of the American people, I am amazed how well these wicked monsters know how to push the buttons of the left in this country. He knows someone on the left is going to run to his defense or claim he is the victim of a racist government in a racist war.

He didn't want the death penalty so he could die and be a martyr as the liberals have been telling us lately. He wanted the death sentance so he could jerk around the Mike Farrells and the Tookie Williams gang to prop him up and turn him into a Saint.


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