Saturday, May 13, 2006

I am usually exremely suspcious about extreme and suspicious consipracy theories,... but what the hey!!

Based partly on anecdotal evidence of my own experience, I have been seeing an increase in the romantic revival of latin american socialist iconography and themes in the spanish speaking world in the past two years.

In the past year, I have seen more paintings of Zapatista leader Subcommandante zero on the sides of East LA meat markets. I have seen groups of young men stopping traffic in the deserts of Baja as they paint pictures of Geronimo and Che on the walls of roadside cliffs. I have experienced a rapid increase in home burgalaries in my neighborhood in Mexico that seem to be more like anti american vandalism.

Those events in the past two months that have coincided with the Immigration marches along with the highly public policitical moves of South American dictators has me concerned about a two front war. Not a two front war "geographically", but against two tyrannical ideologies, "Expansionist Islamo fascism" and Communist expansionism.

I was reading Pro Cynic's article on his theory that Venezuelan Castro clone, Hugo Chavez is quietly aiding and encouraging the immigration marches, and I thought, If we are going to speculate let's connect a bunch of dots.

The theory goes that Chavez and his buddies in Cuba want the marches to draw a backlash from white americans and congress which will get out the vote for the Socialist Candidate for the Mexican Presidency in July. First lets note that Obrador has slipped out of first when he sidestepped the debates last month.

In support of the theory, Obrador has denied any ties to Chavez, a smart move in a country that bristled at the highly personal and testosterone laced verbal jousting between Chavez and Fox last year. With the obligatory accusations of being to close to the Americans, Many Mexicans took it as a personal affront, the equivelent of not being black enough.

Let's connect dots beyond the Chavez comrades and the Mayday Immigrant Marchs. What about links between these two groups and the Islamofascists? We know that Chavez and his supporters threw a party on Sept. 12, 2001, to celebrate the previous days events. Saddam was the only other head of state known to have done this. That same month he sent $1 million to Aid Al Qaeda in Afghanistan. Chavez refers to Bush as a terrorist.

The communist group, The ANSWER Network, in New York City and organizer of the May Day Marches, has been a major supporter of numerous Palestinian terrorist groups, american born Al Qaeda suspects, they share an address with Ramsey Clark (Saddam Hussein's defense attorney) and the International Action Center, and they initiated the American arm of the European underworld's push to lift sanctions on Iraq in the 90s. The above photograph is Clark defending a Nazi SS officer.

So, Ahem...Let's count the tenticles. And remember the common theme of each one of these groups is a desire to see a weakening of American influence, come what may.

Here goes,...The Answer Network enjoys cozy relationships with Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, anyone that worships Karl Marx, Bolivia's new darling (oil industry nationalizer)Evo Morales, Socialist Mexican candidate Obrador, Osama Bin Laden, The Taliban, Saddam Hussein, Kim Jung Il, The Underworld coalition at the UN that used Oil for food to aid Saddam's plan to subvert the West's ability to contain the growth of WMDs (, Mean people with lots of oil (not refering to so called "Big Oil") that use it as a weapon, US Born Al Qaeda members, Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman and the WTC 93 bombers, Palestinian terrorist groups, President Ahmendinijad of Iran AKA the new Messiah and twelth Imam of the imminent Armageden and finally a few miillion Illegal aliens marching through the cities of America, which they claim has not been very nice to them.

One humorous note. The LA Mayday marchers, went out of their way to get the local media to mention that its not just hispanic protestors that joined in. They mentioned broad support from Korean Americans, but only mentioned the KIWA. Korean Americans tend to follow immigration laws very strictly, they are staunch conservatives and anti communists. They resent having waited between 7 and 15 years to step off the boat and then see the guy that bags their Kimchee walk across the border and demand his voters registration card.

The KIWA is a socialist front group created in 1992 after the Koreans were burned out of South Central. The group was created to help unionize hispanic workers that worked in large Korean markets. The march route intentionally passed through Koreatown in a show of force against a conservative pro business minority. So you have ANSWER claiming support from an ethnic group that they have been harrasing since LA set them on fire in 1992. Kim Jung Il, had to of gotten a giggle out of that irony.

Shelby Steele's recent article about the world's acute awareness of the power of using white guilt against America as an effective weapon to short circuit the West's ability to mobilize against tyrants that are intent on taking over the world, demonstrates the scary position we are in. A resurgence of the Romance of Che Gueverra and Pancho Villa and any number of other latino Robin Hoods, along with a century of anti yankee sentiment in the region, can only compound Liberty's task at hand. If the new face of socialism is going to be Hugo Chavez. Then we have to be prepared for him to ally himself with the New Caliphate. Chavez will imagine a new world of Socialists in the western hemisphere, including demoralized ANSWER Network leftists who follow his lead and the growing hispanic electorate in the Western US. He will imagine himself living at peace with the new Islamic Caliphate as it out-populates Europe, and isolates an oil hungry East Asia.

So if we are going to connect some dots here, I'm glad we can unshackle ourselves for a minute and let loose. After all, what was once in the realm of ridiculous and unbelievable is now passing across our video screens nightly and the left is so afraid to imagine Hitler will invade Poland that it just chooses to pretend like it will go away.

We have a madman sitting on top of the world's oil supply, claiming he's got nukes, insists that he is going to exterminate the sovereign nation of Israel, and he is a member of an Islamic Sect that is even more extreme than the Wahhabis in Osama Bin Ladens inner circle. Iranian Dictator Mahmud Ahmadinejad is a member of an Islamic radical sect, the Hojjatieh, that believes the messiah or the 12th Imam is coming RIGHT NOW. Believers insist that they must create Chaos, such as detonating Thermonuclear devices on the Temple Mount. If that does not create enough chaos, then you repeat step one, create more chaos using more Nukes. So unless you believe that Ahmadinejad is the messiah... or his partner then the Nukes will continue until the earth can not be made anymore chaotic. At least in the "Duck and cover" days of the Cold War, there was a chance of no armagedden, which turned out to be true in that case, thanks to the Gipper. This Madman is not threatening to use Nukes, he is giving us his time table as to "When".

For those that doubt his intentions, read his 18 page letter that the MSM is calling a "diplomatic appeal" to George Bush. He follows the time honored code of the Jihadist. Offer your enemy the ability to join the Caliphate, before destroying him. He clearly states, Liberlaism, freedom, democracy, Free Markets, and the Constitution are destined for the ash heap of history. The Islamic Caliphate is the future, and now is your last chance to join the world of Chaos.

Who would believe such a conspiracy theory?


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