Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Der Spiegel: Ahmadinejad Encourages return of Third Reich

In a Der Spiegel Interview , Ahmadinejad uses modern western thought as a weapon against Europe and Israel. This Madman understands the weaknesses of western culture more than any other enemy we have faced in generations.

In the interview he tries to convince the germans that they are either not responsible for the holocaust and should imitate Nazi behavior,...or they are responsible and should be punished for it, presumably a nuclear punishment.

By intentionally using western cultural confusion over whether groups are culpable for the sins of their fathers or whether nations should learn from the dark side of their past and progress, he attempts to force Germans to face the question... Are you contrite enough that you would die for the Jews?

This madman understands our self doubts, our weaknesses, and our tendancy to blame ourselves first, and is willing to use them against us. Combined with dangerous and growing anti-semitism in Europe in the past decade, this man is planning a triumphant trip to Nuremberg on June 11 to make his case to Europe that he thinks it is time that Europe turn its back on the Jews or suffer a nuclear holocaust on Berliners.

How can Al Gore believe that your mini van is the most dangerous threat we face when this megalomaniac is on the rise?


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