Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Bloody knife fight inside the agency created to prevent another Pearl Harbor

There is a bloody battle going on inside the intelligence world, and being that it is supposed to be a secret world, we can only guess in some cases who the players are and who is winning.

One thing is for sure. For 40 years, a growing liberal sub culture has attached itself to the underbelly of the intelligence community. The same community that was created in the 1940s to "Prevent another Pearl harbor".

The Liberal Cabal at the State department was side stepped by Nixon, who had first hand experience with State department employee Alger Hiss. During the late 70s, the CIA was gutted of charter members like Bill Casey and the followers of founder "Wild Bill" Donovan. More non military employees were hired.

The Valerie Plame affair pulled back the curtain to expose how broad the loose cannon of left wing subversion is in the intelligence community. It spreads from Sandy Burglar's State Department through Mary McCarthy's Office of Inspector General in the CIA. Porter Goss was adamently obstructed from getting the CIA chief's position, because it was well known that he was coming in to purge the subversives that refused to serve their President and fight the global war on terror. UN's John Bolton was also opposed for the same reason. Rumsfeld has been under attack by the drive by media lately for the same reason. All three of these individuals have been accused of "Rude, intimidating, disrespectful, confrontational behavior". Dick Cheney was also accused of intimidation just for the fact that he paid a personal visit to Langley. Ironically, Hillary Clinton's screaming tirades were considered Resume enhancements.

Is it possible that Porter Goss was forced out by the leftists? It has been said that John Helgerson, the head of the Inspector General's office and Mary McCarthy's boss was not happy about submitting to a Lie detector, regarding Goss' leak investigation. Drudge is now reporting that Goss is being accused of attending Poker partie's (prostitutes present) with Kyle Foggo, CIA number 3, who is currently under investigation regarding the Duke Cunningham scandal. Is it possible that this information was sniffed out by McCarthy/ Helgerson's IG office?

We also know that McCarthy was close to Valerie Plame, and her boss, Alan Foley at WINPAC in the CIA, that regularly locked horns with John Bolton. McCarthy was also close to Richard Clarke who became a media sensation for criticizing Bush. McCarthy, Foley, Plame, Larry Johnson, Rand Beers, Helgerson, were also close to Ray McGovern, the Lunatic leftist, former CIA analyst that disrupted Rumsfeld's speech this week and vaulting him to demigod status.

It is assumed by many that Director of National Intelligence, John Negroponte, wanted Goss out. We know McGovern, and the leftist bush haters in the model of Ray McGovern and his VIPS wanted Goss out. Is it possible that the IG office shared...leaked..or allied themselves with these factions to eliminate Goss and what McGovern calls his "Gosslings".

Whether Goss was blackmailed, set up, or just not up for a bloody political knife fight, the sudden departure of Porter Goss has been a shock to many, a reason to celebrate for the anti government Left, and a reason to be concerned as to who is winning the bloody war in the agencies that were created to avoid another Pearl harbor.


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