Thursday, February 16, 2006

Non-hunters in blue states don't see a gun as a sporting good, but Dem candidates do

Every 4 years, since 1992, Democratic candidates for president rush out to be photographed buying birdshot and holding a 12 gauge. Why?

The Democratic leadership council and the Clintonian movement in left wing politics can be summed up in one phrase. "America thinks liberalism is loony and radical, so we have to trick the gullible masses into believing we are reasonable". Their job is to say we believe in liberal counter culture ideology, but not that loony extreme silly flavor of left wing stuff. Even mainstream Democratic operatives winked and said, Clinton is trying to deceive the masses, but he has to cause they are stupid and its better we sway them than the evil Republicans.

The reaction of the press to the Dick Cheney "Sporting injury" which the media keeps calling, the "Vice President's shooting incident" proves one thing. The left is made up of blue state non-hunters that can not conceive of a shotgun as anything other than a tool for murder of another human being. Every four years their candidates try to buck the general public's accurate conception that they view guns this way by claiming that target practice is fun and hunting is a sport that even they participate in, but the truth is on parade this week. Every time Laurence O'Donnel or Al Franken scream out, "...But, the Vice President SHOT a man". They can't conceive that this was an sporting accident.

What happened to Cheny is as common to bird hunters as a broken leg to a skier. It doesn't happen to all skiers, but all skiers know someone who has broken a leg.

If Franken jumped from a diving board and landed on another person, is he attempting to drown that person. If O'Donnell were hiking in Anwar (which has never been done, by the way) and while sitting around the campfire, his pocket knife slipped and poked his bareback mountain buddy, is he trying to murder his camping partner. No, these are sporting accidents.

When I was 15 in Texas, I went to visit my friend Jay, who was recovering after being peppered with some 50 or 60 pellets by a family friend. He looked like he had chicken pox. The only unpleasant site was the one that hit the white of his eye. They didn't go to the emergency room. They didn't go to the police. They waited until the following day, and went to his doctor's office. His Father's Friend was not refered to as "The Shooter". Everybody in the hunting party felt horrible for the man who pulled the trigger. He was devastated and felt like a fool, even though it was Jay's fault.

Next time John Kerry, Al Gore, or Bill Clinton stand up and claim to a red state audience, "I am a hunter!", let's remember, in reality, they see all guns as the tool of the devil and as a hostile macho symbol of a murdering white culture. They do not have affection for the image in flyover, red state America of a father and son going out with friends to enjoy a weekend of hunting.

Now we know the truth.