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Did you know my wife is a spy?

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What is the link between the Media and the CIA? Recent reports of Journalist's remarks about the Valerie Plame affair have me wondering, how close are the Main Stream media with the CIA analysts that have been waging war on the Bush Administration. For decades, the State Department has been a left wing lair for lifetime Democrats intent on steering Foreign policy regardless of the desires of the President at the time. The most famous example was Nixon circumventing his State Department with Henry Kissinger so he could accomplish his foreign policy agenda. The CIA obviously has a certain segment of analysts that have moved from a group of quiet grumbling leftists to activist dissenters that are actively undercutting a wartime President.

There are several links between the mainstream media and these CIA dissidents. Judith Miller, who spent enough time in jail to wait out the Prosecutor until he realized he didn't have a case, practically lived at the CIA during the run up to 911. She was writing a book on WMDs and spent a great deal of time rubbing elbows with the analysts in WINPAC. This was the division on WMDs and Non proliferation, headed up by Alan Foley who was the boss of Valerie Plame. Andrea Mitchell also covered the CIA for NBC and claims that all the Reporters on the intelligence beat knew who Valerie Plame was and long before Novak wrote his article.

***Update: Threatened with a lawsuit for "slander," retired Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely is turning the tables on Ambassador Joseph C. Wilson, calling on the man at the center of the CIA leak controversy to offer a public apology for accusing him of lying. Vallely has revealed that Wilson told him his wife was a spy at least a year before the Novak article.****

When the law was written to protect the identity of covert agents, Barry Goldwater insisted that the Agency and its employees must make a reasonable effort to maintain their covert status in order for someone to be charged with the crime of uncovering it. Neither the CIA or Plame or Wilson were making reasonable efforts to keep her identity hidden. On the contrary, Wilson did everything but don a rainbow wig and wave a sign in the end zone of RFK Stadium.

The agency by any reasonable account at the least had numerous opportunities to reduce the possibility of her exposure and most probably intentionally sought media exposure for the Niger argument via Wilson and his wife. Her exposure was of little concern to them.

I have seen enough of these analysts wall to wall on network TV lately claiming to be Valerie's friend, Valerie's coworker, etc. This bunch fears the limelight as much as Cindy Sheehan. For what its worth, Fitzgerald basically acknowledged that Plame was not covert when he skipped that and charged Libby with divulging the contents of a classified document about the Niger trip. The contents of which Wilson had been divulging ad nauseum to any cub reporter that he could get his hands on. By the time Wilson joined the Kerry campaign in March of 2003, he had already been discussing details of his mission with several people. He attended a conference and sat on a panel with Nick Kristoff who later wrote the first known mention of Wilson's accusations against the President and Vice President. Wilson later admitted that he did approach Kristoff with his tale of woe and during the multi-day conference his wife Valerie Plame always accompanied him. Here is Wilson intentionally trying to get publicity for a story against the most public figure in America and introducing everybody to his wife, who Novak later found by looking in Who's who. There she is listed as Mr. Wilson's wife. Does anybody think that if a publicity seeker like Cindy Sheehan was married to a spy, that someone wouldn't eventually say, isn't that the one that I see driving into the front gate of the CIA everyday.

The CIA and the Mainstream media have a lot in common. They both gather data. They both try to derive meaning from that data and apply meaning to it, thus producing information. In the current culture, they both have become more and more self absorbed that their worldview is the only possible context to see current events. They both restrict the release of certain data if it legitimizes conservative viewpoints.

In a post 911 CIA, there is a culture in the agency that is resistant to the administration, and considers the Bush administration ignorant about the "correct" worldview to be used when they are given intelligence data. Therefore if they refuse to accept the CIA "context" they will drag their feet on releasing data that might reinforce the worldview of the Bush administration. Furthermore they consider the Bush administration to be rude and disrespectful about what they consider to be the objective fact that the CIA's worldview is morally superior. This proves to them that the Bush administration is morally inferior, which is one more reason to restrict the amount of information they provide for them, or the FBI, or anyone else that might help them. The Bush administration is even more disrespectful when they circumvent the CIA in search of the intel that the CIA refuses to give them.

Wilson claims that Cheney asked for intel and intentionally hid the findings and claimed the opposite. The CIA gave Cheney the data and he lied. Rove outed us and in essence tried to kill us. Democrats claimed they need an intel czar so that all agencies share data. Porter Goss walked in and asked the CIA to start sharing data and they went ballistic, because they think he is part of the Rove gang. Remember, Rove wants to kill them. They don't trust their commander in chief, their boss, but they seem to leak like a sieve to the mainstream media. The most secret entity has a special bond with the world's largest megaphone.

The CIA was created to for one reason, to avoid another Pearl Harbor, according to Ray McGovern, outspoken leftist CIA analyst. If The Bush administration thinks that the CIA might bear some responsibility for 911. The CIA will let you know that's wrong. They think the Bush administration is ignorant and immoral for not respecting the agencies moral and intellectual superiority. They believe Condi Rice knew about 911 ahead of time (at least by August 6.). They would like us to believe that Bush regularly ignores CIA intel and things like 911 just happen. They also are fond of implying that more Pearl Harbors and 911s are coming and for the most part they are washing their hands of the whole thing. Never mind that, even if Bush wanted to stop them by any other means besides an Iraq pullout, he is on his own, because they will not supply him with data to avert such an attack because he can't be trusted with it.
These CIA dissidents, like the MSM, also have acquired an incredibly thin skin. Porter Goss arrives to head the CIA and the news media is awash with stories that he is Rude, disrespectful, and oblivious to the years of experience of lifetime analysts that he is insulting. Valerie Plame's Boss, Alan Foley, and Ray McGovern claim that it was generally felt that Cheney making a personal visit to the CIA was intimidating, "...meant to pressure.” unprecedented, "...looking over our shoulders...” John Bolton, who Foley basically admits that he wanted a CIA plant in his office at state to have an inside line on policy makers complained that He and Bolton regularly argued over what items Bolton could declassify. The mainstream media has forever borked Bolton into being some kind of boss from hell that was,"intimidating, disrespectful, shocking,” Don't forget Wilson who claims Rove among others, is trying to intimidate him and threaten him.

Bolton, Cheney, Porter Goss, Rove and Bush himself intimidate the Spymasters of the world? Can anyone picture CIA Director William Casey saying, "We had a visit from someone at our headquarters and it scared us".
I have always sensed that Reporters that wax eloquent about their days in the jungle of Vietnam in some way consider themselves at least as courageous if not more than the Combat soldiers they covered. Remember Al Gore boldly bragging about how he served "in" Vietnam, while George Bush was "AWOL". Al Gore never left the Saigon city limits while he worked on the newspaper. The fatality rate on Bush's test flights was much more dangerous than the risk of paper cuts Gore faced.

I am convinced that the anecdotal interviews with Liberal CIA analysts that exaggerate the danger that Plame is in, might have a bit of the same feeling of inadequacy whenever a person at a cocktail party asks them if they are a spy since they work at the CIA. The feats of heroism that frontline CIA operatives in Afghanistan and Iraq performed are truly incredible.

Plame was no longer legally or by any other use of the word, covert. In fact, before she appeared in Novak's article she was in the process of having her status declassified completely. When Wilson bites his lip and tells tales of late night death threats and being in the spy museum, I can't help but ask, is a CIA analyst sitting at a desk in Langley the same as a three man recon team of CIA operatives crossing by horseback into Taliban village on September12th.

Bolton was sent to the UN to confront what had turned into a shadow government of Saddam Hussein. Cheney, who has some experience with the Persian Gulf and the Arab world, was sent to confront Islamofascist mass murderers so that our families will not suffer another 911 in our homes or the buildings we work. Porter Goss was sent to repair the Stovepipes of an agency that has become even more of a disinformation well, since they failed in their raison d'etre, to protect us from another Pearl Harbor.

If some wannabe spies felt uncomfortable,....well, we sent George Bush to Washington to fix it. Sorry if we are getting in your way.


At 2:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wilson attacked a sitting President in the most public way, with verifiable and unequivocale lies. His only protection from the uncovering of those lies, was the fact that much of his lies were interwoven with a mine field of "technically" classified information and the apron strings of his CIA analyst wife. He is a grand standing, narcissistic, lying windbag that hides behind his leftist wife. Loved the Rainbow wig!!


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