Saturday, October 08, 2005

Dem report: Shrinking party must act less liberal in order to rule

Don't tell anyone we are closet socialists, OK?

Democratic researchers that laid the groundwork for Clinton's rise in '92 warn against the dangers of the growing gap between the far left face of the Democratic Party and the center right majority that is the increasingly obvious reality in american poliitcal life.

On defense and social issues, "liberals espouse views diverging not only from those of other Democrats, but from Americans as a whole. To the extent that liberals now constitute both the largest bloc within the Democratic coalition and the public face of the party, Democratic candidates for national office will be running uphill."

Their admission of Clinton's calculated moves that vaulted him to the front of the pack in the Democratic primaries in '92 are interesting. In the wake of the Rodney King riots and lingering wounds from the Dukakis/Willie Horton issue, Clinton did three things:

They suggest that Democratic presidential candidates replicate Clinton's tactics in 1992, when he broke with the party's liberal base by approving the execution of a semi-retarded prisoner, by challenging liberal icon Jesse L. Jackson and by calling for an end to welfare "as we know it."

Thanks for your support. I feel your pain.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Communists manipulating children for SF Chronicle Photo of Rally

If the above headline sounds leading, read the blog from Zombietime about the misleading article at the San Francisco Chronicle. Commies are a barrel of monkeys when they're not in power. I love this stuff.