Monday, September 12, 2005

Grannys in a home and "W" won't call her a cab

I missed the School Bus, my shoes got wet, and the dog ate my homework. It's all George's fault!! Posted by Picasa

**Update** 09-22-05
Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard made headlines in the Mainstream media when he screamed out accusations against George Bush's failure to save the mother of a close friend who eventually died when her daily pleas for help were ignored.

Turns out the entire story was a lie!!

The 92 year old woman died in her Nursing home the same day the breeched levee sent water into the Home which was not evacuated in contravention of the State and local evacuation plan.

When I first heard the story I wondered, why didn't her son do anything over the alleged four to seven days that she would have been in danger. According to the bawling Broussard, she called every day, "Save me!, Save me!". Is this not the epitome of finger pointing when your own mother calls for help and you don't lift a finger but you tell her that Big Brother is on the way?

When the waters dissapate, I'm sure we will find the skeletons in Broussards closet.


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