Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Kerry and his liberal friends are utopian socialists. They have a blacklist of bad guys in the domestic world and when they see evil acts, they don't observe the act and the actor. They first, above all, draw a line to the bad guy. They ask, "Did you notice the Jews didn't show up to work that day (911)", or they cry, "Look what america's policy have brought on our people".
These islamofascists are EVIL. Yes, the "E" word. They are monsters in human form. They watch us everyday, they know what we watch on TV. They know how predictable our political arguments are. They understand the culture of victimology and the Vietnam syndrome. They see themselves as cellmates discussing and documenting every move of the prison guards. When it comes to plotting, they have nothing but time.
I remember in an interview soon after the 2000 election Justice Kennedy said, the number one topic americans should know more about is the islamic world. How prescient.
The Left thinks that to know us is to love us. How could they learn our culture and not worship us? They study us and they see our compassion as a weakness. Victim status? a weakness and an opportunity to exploit. One of the most disheartening aspects of evil is that they search for that which is good in their enemies and use it against them. So, trying to reason with them like the british did, was expected by the kidnappers, and it made them bubble over in ecstasy. Sick but true. Steyn was right, why play their game. "Nine tens" don't want to become "Nine twelves". Well, tough!!! Some things happen that we have to adapt to, that's life. Trotsky said, "You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you".
That is the Medieval world that we have stepped into. Kerry's concept of history began in the 1960s and he wants to go back to that, but it is gone. Alas, sweet Camelot.... gone!...wake up! Bush understands that history includes lessons of wicked monsters that lust for power and engage in evil acts that even the 20th Century avoided. John Keegan, the Military historian, describes the difference between total war and real war. Total war is war with no bounds. All weapons. No prisoners. All tactics. Torture civilians. Total genocide. NO HOLDS BARRED. [sic]Jingus Khan avoided sieges by asking for surrender and if they did not, he killed every man, woman, and child in the entire city. Word spread fast and they didn't even have a Dan Rather to pass the word. The 20th century did not experience total war it engaged in limited wars, Real war. Bush knows, he is dealing with an evil that kills and hungers for total war. EVIL. Keegan never mentioned "sensitive war" in his books and there is no evidence that word of the arriving Mongols created spirited debates about their motives and who really angered them in the first place.
These evil monsters know that the left has a handicap for defending America. The handicap is a blindspot for Evil. The left, when exposed to true evil, does not like to admit that it is, nor do they want to call it such. In fact they will create convuluted flow charts to point a finger at their political opponents or some other stubborn domestic adversary. Yale Herald Sept. 21, 2001:
"A war has been declared on our country and our way of life. This is not a familiar concept for us, and Yale is bending over backwards to theorize some way for it to be irrelevant or untrue."
The left refuses to call evil by name because, once the "E" word has been let loose. Then the dogs of war are unleashed. Acknowledging evil, requires action. Action requires responsibility. Responsibility requires hard decisions with no easy answers. Responsibility requires hard work. Responsibility means facing ugly demons so that your family lays down after dinner in a soft bed and sleeps the sleep of the innocent. You on the other hand may sleep forever after a fight in a farway place, but you thank god you are playing an away game, not a home game.


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